05/365 OM Adapter

05/365 OM Adapter, originally uploaded by kathybraun.

Cera, Norman and Josh gave me my birthday present last night. It is this beautifully boxed Olympus OM adapter!! I can use it to put my older OM lenses on to my E-330. Awesome gift!!


04/365 Sunset

04/365 Sunset, originally uploaded by kathybraun.

We had some storms on and off today. This sunset was the end result!


02/365 Birthday Faerie

02/365 Birthday Faerie, originally uploaded by kathybraun.

I received this from my sister this morning for my birthday. I love the way she is looking and the way the light fell on her.


Happy Birthday!

01/365 Cafe au lait, originally uploaded by kathybraun.

To celebrate my birthday, I am starting a 365 day series. I decided that to really learn what my camera and I can do, that I need to be taking more pictures! So as of today I will be taking and uploading a picture every day. I am also committing to using manual only which I used to do on my old Olympus SLR but for some reason it seemed overwhelming on my DSLR. I hope you will enjoy this year along with me!

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