Woke up to snow this morning after wearimg shorts for the last few days. Ended up with a couple of centimetres before it stopped and the sun came out.

(this is my first blog post from my iphone)


Date night

Friday night is date night. I have been hibernating at home lately with all the snow and cold (it was -24C with a windchill of -36C this morning and snowing).

I have spent a lot of time inside looking out. Hubby is brave enough to go out in the snow, but I am a snow-chicken and hate being on the roads after a snow. But after running out of decaf coffee today and having too much energy, I decided that it was time for me to get out! We drove DD#2 to gymnastics and ended up here at Starbucks. I just had a tea as I have had enough coffee for today. We have a few more days of really cold weather before it warms up to "normal" which is about -6C at this time of year.

Date night, originally uploaded by kathybraun.


4/365 Dust

4/365 Dust, originally uploaded by kathybraun.
The dust looks so pretty close up like this! Maybe I should keep it!! :) I guess that won't cut it LOL!! The house has been so neglected lately as has a lot of other stuff in my life. I am behind on a lot of things it seems. But with the new year comes a renewed energy. Hubby is cleaning up his workroom and seeing what is needed and what is junk. I am going through my craft area. I have a tendency to buy and hoard supplies. But I really need to get rid of some stuff that I am just not going to use.  One thing I pulled out is some needle felting supplies. I thought it would be fun, but I am just not that good at it. So if DD#1 doesn't want it, off it goes to Value Village. I have been holding on to it for about 3 years and really it is just clutter in my head that it is something that I should do. When I get rid of it, i won't have to worry about it anymore. There is a lot of other stuff around the house like that. The more I get rid of, the freer I am going to feel. I am excited about the cleansing going on around here!


1/365 Aftermath

1/365 Aftermath, originally uploaded by kathybraun.
Attempting to start my 365 once again. This is the aftermath of the gingerbread house that hubby and DD#2 created. The best part of course is breaking it apart to eat.

My Word for the Year

Instead of making New Year's resolutions this year that never really last long, I have decided to come up with one word to focus on this year. The first word that came to me was CREATE. This year I want to focus on creating things with my photography and in my life. Dictionary.com defines create as:

1.to cause to come into being, as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes.

2.to evolve from one's own thought or imagination, as a work of art or an invention.

6.to cause to happen; bring about; arrange, as by intention or design: to create a revolution; to create an opportunity to ask for a raise.

7.to do something creative or constructive.

I think I will try to focus on making something unique come to being. Something creative and constructive that evolves from my imagination. I will try to document some of my creative process here.


26/365 Tea Canisters

26/365 Tea Canisters, originally uploaded by kathybraun.

Tins that hold a few of my loose teas.


25/365 Moo Card Holder

25/365 Moo Card Holder, originally uploaded by kathybraun.

This is my Moo card holder. I love my Moo mini cards!

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